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​​​     It’s important to me that you reside in a home that nurtures your healthy family life and relationships, and whether that means down-sizing or expanding, I’d be honoured to have the opportunity to be your guide on this journey of discovery! I have felt the stress that being "house-poor" puts on a family, so I have no interest in trying to "upsell" anyone beyond their means. Just because a lender is willing to mortgage your home for a set amount doesn't mean it would benefit you to purchase a home that costs that much. What if you were to buy smaller than you'd qualify for, so that you can LIVE LARGER, creating affordable memories with your loved ones? 

With mortgage rates beginning to rise from their 30-year low , now may be the best time to be able to afford the home you’ve been hoping for! Click on the button below to begin your home search!

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Currently, in the Ottawa area, we are experiencing a seller’s market, with supply falling to the lowest level in over a decade (OREA) and the number of active listings down 15% from last year (OREB). That being said, here in North Gower we saw a 40% increase in the number of homes sold through MLS this summer, compared to last summer, with the average sale price being 21% higher this year! 

With my staging experience and advice, I can help you get the highest price for your current home, so that you can comfortably afford the home you fall in love with! Call Melanie McElhinney for your FREE STAGING CONSULTATION and HOME EVALUATION! Click on the button below to leave your contact information, and I'll respond to set up a time to meet!

This mortgage calculator may give you an idea what range of home price you can afford. It's still beneficial to meet with a mortgage broker to pre-qualify, particularly with the changes Canada implimented to mortgage laws recently.

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